Toyochem Acquires Rights to Solvent Acrylic Adhesives from Dow Chemical Group

Tokyo, Japan—Toyochem Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd., announced on January 15, 2016 that it has executed a Purchase and Assignment Agreement on December 30, 2015 to acquire the exclusive rights to a limited number of one-component, solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology from Rohm and Haas Chemicals LLC of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. Specifically, the agreement covers the global rights related to the formulation and manufacturing process in addition to customer information to 11 solvent acrylic PSA products. Dow continues to focus on water-based Acrylic Adhesives and Binders, solvent-based, solvent-less and water-based Lamination Adhesives and Coatings for the Packaging, Textile, and Non-woven markets. As a market leader, Dow will continue to invest in these and other adhesive technologies and products.

The newly acquired product lineup will be relaunched under Toyochem’s ORIBAIN™ series for industrial applications, thus boosting the company’s existing PSA portfolio. The company maintains a number of technologies for two-component PSAs, which require the mixing of a base component with a hardener prior to application. Toyochem offers high-performance PSAs that demonstrate excellent adhesion, durability and transparency for automotive, electronics, medical, industrial, construction, optical and additional markets, earning the company a reputation for excellence in Japan, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia and North America.

The additional one-part technology will also be an excellent addition to North America’s PSA business. Today they have both one-part and two-part solvent acrylic, as well as polyurethanes, which are a nice compliment to the recently acquired technology. Jeff Okaichi, CEO of the Americas, stated: “We look forward to the continued growth within North America. The one-part technology will allow us to expand our offerings in this critical strategic region”.

“This move is a perfect fit for our business, both in terms of portfolio and strategic business direction,” stated Satoru Takashima, president of Toyochem. “The newly acquired technology combined with our long-cultivated technology for high performance one-component PSAs and eco-friendly high-solid one-component products are expected to generate significant synergies. We believe such new developments will contribute to the rapid expansion of this business, especially in areas we have yet to penetrate such as India, Turkey and the Middle East, as well as in emerging markets in Africa and Latin America.”

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Toyochem oversees the Toyo Ink Group’s Polymers and Coatings-related business segment as a core operating company. Headquartered in Tokyo, it has two production facilities in Saitama and Hyogo prefectures in Japan. The company was founded on the Group’s high polymer design technologies accumulated over a century of resins development for printing inks. Subsequently, it successfully developed advanced core technologies such as technologies that impart certain properties or functionalities, from monomer molecule design to molecular weight control. Such technologies are now applied to its and the Group’s original product lines such as adhesives, adhesive tapes, coatings, and marking films for billboards. In addition, Toyochem’s products serve a wide range of markets, such as self-adhesive labels, can production, construction materials, automobiles, home electronics, electronics and healthcare, among other markets. For more information on Toyochem, see

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Toyo Ink Group started business in the United States in 1976. Since that time, Toyo Ink America has grown to four business divisions (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Advanced Materials, Paste and Liquid) it is headquartered in Wood Dale, IL. Toyo Ink America, LLC manufactures its PSA product line from their state-of-the-art Bryan, Texas facility. Opening in 2008 our Texas facility manufactures pressure sensitive adhesives and liquid inks. TIA PSA Division produces a diversity of solvent acrylic PSA’s being used for tapes, labels and specialty applications. “We are always challenging ourselves to develop and supply products which will reflect true value to the marketplace,” stated Joe Sentendrey, General Manager of the TIA PSA Division. “These newly acquired one-part technologies will be an outstanding compliment to our present one-part and two-part product line, for a variety of applications including: VOC Free, Low Outgas, LSE, Thermal & Chemical Resistant, Optical Clarity, and others.” For more information about Toyo Ink America, see the website at

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