Printing Blankets


TOYO KING 9600 is a versatile sheetfed blanket that offers smooth paper release, solid density, durability and solvent resistance. Hard-to-print forms lay flat for easier work-andturn jobs. The 9600 also helps minimize end curl and piling. TOYO KING 9700 blends polymers in an innovative way to support high-quality, highspeed sheetfed printing. It produces excellent results with ultraviolet (UV) or oxidation inks. The 9700 ensures superior performance for coating applications as well. Additional benefits include high streak resistance and smash resistance. TOYO KING 940 combines solid inking and sharp dot reproduction for premium quality printing at high speeds on web or sheetfed presses. A newly formulated rubber compound and superior construction reduce blanket swelling for improved solvent resistance, minimal dot gain and enhanced contrast. The 940 is designed reliable, long-term performance on coated and uncoated stock. TOYO KING M202 is the ideal blanket for heatset web printing. Its compressible layer improves hardness 50 percent compared with standard printing blankets. It is durable and highly resistant to streaks. The M202 affords smooth paper release, reduced dot gain and minimal sinking. It allows bold, solid ink densities.


  • Crisp dot reproduction
  • Efficient paper release
  • Consistent uniformity
  • Dependable smash resistance
  • Ensures bold, smooth solids

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