Water-Based Metallic Printing Inks


Mastertech is a water-based metallic printing ink. These inks are based off of aluminum or bronze metals. Mastertech is a shear stable ink that is designed to print on doctor-bladed presses. Mastertech metallic can be cut at press side with straight water or a water/alcohol blend or small amounts of specific slow solvents.

Physical Characteristics

  • Designed for clean flexo printing
  • Excellent color strength and stability
  • Excellent resolubility allows for clean running.
  • Designed for high press speeds
  • Formulated for both surface and reverse applications
  • Excellent scuff resistance

Colors Available

Mastertech inks are formulated to have a maximum pigment load while maintaining a low consistent viscosity. Mastertech is available in a full color palette of standard Pantone® approved metallic colors. We can ship DE specifications to meet the most stringent customer demands.

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