Solvent Process Printing Ink


PyroPro is a solvent-based, process printing ink system formulated for clean printing of fine type and screen applications. It has excellent print quality, multiple film versatility and high-performance properties. This system delivers excellent adhesion, good gloss, high color strength and excellent heat resistance. PyroPro ink is formulated utilizing the latest in resin and pigment technology.

Physical Characteristics

  • Designed for clean flexographic printing on doctor-bladed, flexo press metering systems
  • Good adhesion to a wide range of film substrates
  • Nitrocellulose base blendable for optimum color control
  • Excellent color strength and stability
  • Excellent resolubility allows for clean running of fine type and screen applications.
  • Designed for high press speeds
  • Very low solvent retention and odor
  • HAPs free and regulatory friendly
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Good rub and scratch resistance
  • Ice water crinkle resistant
  • Good water resistance

Colors Available

PyroPro inks are formulated to have a maximum pigment load while maintaining a low consistent viscosity. PyroPro is available in standard, bleed resistant, permanent and high-performance pigments. PyroPro is available in seven process colors and can be shipped to DE specifications to meet the most stringent customer demands.

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