Pyrotech™ Series

Solvent Heat-Resistant Surface Ink


Pyrotech Series inks are formulated for excellent adhesion, gloss and heat resistance. They are compatible on a wide variety of substrates and are ideal for applications requiring high heat resistance and high heat seal conditions. This system offers excellent chemical resistance as well.

Physical Characteristics

  • Superior heat resistance up to 500°F in lab controlled conditions
  • High gloss
  • Excellent block resistance
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility on most substrates
  • Excellent resolubility allows for clean running of fine type and screen applications
  • Nitrocellulose base blendable
  • Good rub and scratch resistance
  • Good water resistance
  • HAPs free

Colors Available

Pyrotech Series ink is formulated to have a maximum pigment load while maintaining a low consistent viscosity. It is available in standard, bleed-resistant and permanent pigments. Pantone® approved bases and mixes are available from several locations. Color computer-controlled bases, matched to any standard, are available for customers who have dispensers already in place and wish to avoid changing the database. Inks can be supplied to DE specifications to meet the most stringent customer demands. Due to the high pigment strength of the system, it may require an extender addition to the ink.

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