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Densiflex™ Series

Water-Based Surface Film Ink

Water-based surface and lamination.

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Toyo Ink started business in the United States in 1976. Since that time, Toyo Ink America has grown to four business divisions within the U.S. Today, Toyo Ink America has a wide variety of products including printing inks, colorants and functional materials. Regardless of your application or processing needs, our experts can help you resolve issues, improve productivity and deliver value to your customers.

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Toyochem Acquires Rights to Solvent Acrylic Adhesives from Dow Chemical Group

Toyo Ink America Releases REXTA Solvent-Based Flexo Lamination Ink for Retort Packaging

Toyo Ink America, LLC, a member of the Toyo Ink Group, recently launched to the U.S. market REXTA™, a solvent-based flexographic lamination ink for high-pressure, high heat boil and retort applications.

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